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Mortgages for Older Borrowers

Mortgages for over 60 and retired borrowers

The Mortgage Market Review resulted in many banks and building societies refusing to lend to existing mortgage holders where the term would take them over the age of 65. This resulted in borrowers in their mid-forties and above having a reduced choice of mortgage providers and products.

Because we assess each case individually, without using automated tools, we'll accept applications from clients up to the age of 85 at the end of their mortgage term, taking into account 100% of a borrowers pension and a proportion of other forms of income such as investments when addressing affordability.

Applicants are able to access our range of residential mortgage products, and borrow up to 75% LTV. We don't have any specific products, or charge a higher rate, for those wishing to continue borrowing past what the industry considers a 'standard' age.

For more information about how we can take a personal view of assessing affordability, take a look at our lending criteria or view our residential mortgage products.