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In our third and penultimate weekly updates of our new lending criteria, we can take you through the changes to the Expat section of our criteria.

In the second instalment of our weekly lending criteria updates, we want to highlight the improvements we have made to our affordability.

We are pleased to announce we have made some exciting changes to our lending criteria, which will have a positive impact across all areas of the business. Throughout January we will be kicking the new year off by taking you through the key changes we have made.

Seasons greetings! With Christmas just around the corner, we wanted to keep you up to date with goings on at Ipswich.

We are withdrawing selected products from our holiday let range on Friday 2 October. Read the full details and see how we can continue to assist your holiday let clients.

We've launched a range of new deals, with an increased LTV for residential (now up to 85%) and we're back lending up to 80% on buy to let, expat buy to let and holiday let - including some 5-year fixed deals.