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Andrew Sadler examines the challenges facing professional sportspeople in the mortgage market

When thinking about ‘mortgage misfits’, what group of people first comes to mind? Perhaps older and retired borrowers, or maybe the self-employed? Professional sportspeople are, perhaps unexpectedly, the latest to be trapped within this ever-expanding bracket.

Contract income, the threat of injury – along with the unpredictability of the sporting world - means that, like many others before them, they fall foul of high street lenders' automated affordability calculations and find themselves ‘left out of the team’. This has been further echoed with a recent decision by a high-street bank to stop lending to sports professionals.
However, all hope is not lost.

We’ve recently agreed a number of applications for professional footballers and others who have struggled to access the mortgage market. Whilst some lenders are relegating sportspeople from their lending criteria, we are more than happy to look at your client's case.

At the Ipswich, all of our applications are manually underwritten in-house, so we can take a realistic view of your client's individual circumstances. This gives us the edge over other lenders’ rigid, one-size fits all approach. So if your client is a sports professional looking to secure their home, give us a call.