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Buy to Let - at a glance

At Ipswich Building Society we can offer your client Buy to Let options if they are a first-time or small-portfolio landlord. 

We don’t work with commercial or large-scale landlords, so we won’t accept applications where your client has three or more properties within their portfolio (including the one being applied for).

What we can offer your client:

  • Loans up to 80% LTV
  • Up to £500k
  • First-time landlords and non-owner occupiers acceptable
  • Transitional cases calculated on 125% rental cover
  • Top slicing available on discount rate products

Regulated Buy to Let
We accept applications for Regulated Buy to Let - sometimes known as Family Buy to Let. This is where the property is let out to a family member. For this type of mortgage we assess the case based on the affordability rather than the rental cover. 

You can view our currently available Buy to Let products here. For more information please see our Lending Criteria or call us direct on 0330 123 1073.