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Case spotlight: what we're lending on

For us, unusual business is simply business as usual. We’re used to dealing with complex cases and we’re pleased to be helping our intermediary partners with a number of applications which need a truly individual approach.

Here are some cases we are currently lending on:

Remortgaging to gift money to children
Applicants raising £200k from an unencumbered property to gift money to children. Applicants only had pension income – we were able to lend on interest only sale of property basis.

Self build – conversion of property
Applicants converting an ex-GP surgery back to residential, requiring flexible draw down of funds.  Offered on interest only during the build with unlimited stage payments.

Self employed/later life remortgage
Existing lender wouldn’t extend the mortgage term – borrowing needed into later life. One applicant retired and the other self employed – as we can use non-manual self employed income to age 75 (employed to 70) we were able to offer an 11-year term.

Expat Buy to Let
Couple moving abroad and wanted to let out their UK house. The case failed on standard rental cover but by using our five year fixed product we were able to offer the loan.

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