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Case spotlight: Let to Buy

We’re able to help borrowers in all sorts of circumstances, no matter how seemingly complex or unusual.

Through our expert, manual underwriting we can look at the full details of a case, taking all aspects into account before making an informed decision. That’s why we’ve been able to say YES to two similar cases recently.

Here’s the details of one case:

  • A couple wish to buy their first home together, which is a new build property and won’t be ready for several months
  • Both already own their own homes
  • They are seeking a let to buy on one home, raising capital towards the purchase of their first home together
  • They are living in the remaining home together, until their new build is ready

Even if they have yet to find a new home, we can consider it, typically needing details of the types of properties and area that they are looking to buy in.

Another thing to remember - if they are buying a new build we can help them with their new mortgage, offering up to 95%. LTV on new builds as standard.

If you have clients in similar circumstances, or want to know more about what we can offer, get in touch.