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Expat mortgages: back to basics

Updated July 2019

We offer mortgages for both Residential and Buy to Let applications. So whether your client is looking to invest in the UK property market or purchase a home for themselves and their immediate family, speak to us directly to see how we can help.

For residential cases we can accept applicants paid in £ Sterling and a number of selected foreign curencies. We require expat applicants to have income of at least £40k (or equivalent if paid in a foreign currency) and be employed by an internationally recognised employer. Subject to acceptable accounts being obtainable we can consider self employed applicants.

If the applicant is paid in £ Sterling we can top slice on our discount rate products to make up any shortfall in the required income. Most countries of residence are considered, although we cannot lend to borrowers based in any country subject to UN sanctions.

Expat Residential 

Expat Buy to Let

Maximum LTV 80% 75%
Maximum Loan £500k £500k
Currency Limitations

Sterling, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar,
Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Qarari Riyal,
UAE Dirham, Kuwaiti Dinar, Swiss Franc, Norwegian Krone  

Any currency
Overpayments Fee free up to 50% Fee free up to 50%
Top Slicing No Yes (discount only)

For more information visit our product page or give us a call to place your case.