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Expat Buy to Let mortgages - a beginner's guide

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and a volatile Pound, many investors are continuing to rent out their UK properties while they are based abroad. We’ll lend up to 75% for expat BTL applications on our dedicated product range, and we can accept applicants paid in any currency.

We require expat applicants to have income of at least £40k (or equivalent if paid in a foreign currency) and be employed by an internationally recognised employer. Subject to acceptable accounts being obtainable we can consider self employed applicants.

What’s more, if the applicant is paid in Sterling we can ‘top slice’ – that is, if your client falls just short of the required rental cover we can use other income, such as employment income, to make up the shortfall.

We ask that the deposit is build up and held in a UK bank account for a reasonable period of time (usually around 6 months), and we require evidence of this upon application.

For more information or to place a case with us give us a call on 0330 123 1073.