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How to submit self build business to us

Self build cases don't need to be over-complicated. Sure, they might be a bit more complex than a standard residential mortgage - that's why we've developed our handy online self build enquiry form to make the process as easy as possible. 

You can use the form to send us a detailed outline of the case, including income and outgoings and details around the build. We can use this information to assess the affordability of the case and ask any questions we need to before you submit a full mortgage application using our online portal.

You can view our self build enquiry form here.

Why choose us for your self build cases?

- Loans up to 80% LTV
- For new projects, renovations, conversions and knock-down and rebuilds
- Modern Methods of Construction acceptable (where BOPAS approved)
- We release the money in stages so your client doesn't pay interest on the whole amount
- Available on interest-only during the build