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How we're helping with manual underwriting

In an age where automated processes and electronic decision making is becoming all too common, we believe that in today’s changing world it’s important to look into the details personally when dealing with your client’s mortgage application.

Incomes are changing and more and more, people are eschewing the daily 9 to 5 in favour of flexible working hours or even flexible employment, with some choosing when, where and how often they work. A computer simply can’t understand personal circumstances in the way that a human can, and that’s why we employ a team of skilled underwriters with the know-how, common sense and flexibility capable of helping your client make a life-changing decision such as buying a property.

We’ll look at income and outgoings, commitments and all other circumstances to build a picture of your client’s situation and assess their ability to service the loan not on arbitrary targets or limits, but based on a realistic view of their affordability to protect them, as well as ourselves, from financial problems later down the line.

If you have a complex case that needs a personal touch, give us a call on 0330 123 1073 and experience the difference we can make to your client.