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How we're supporting landlords through our flexible Buy to Let propositon

Whether your client is a budding landlord or established and looking to add to a small portfolio of less than three properties, our flexible Buy to Let proposition can be tailored to your client’s needs.

Small portfolio landlords
We don’t lend to serial investors or large-scale landlords – that’s not our way. However, if your client already has one or two properties and is looking to add another, we may be able to help. And don’t forget, we lend throughout all of England and Wales!

Top slicing
If your client falls just shy of the required rental cover then we can top up their income using their personal income or income from other sources. Top slicing is only available on our discount rate products.

Transitional arrangements
We can help mortgage prisoners and borrowers trapped on their current mortgage with our transitional arrangements, which require only 125% rental cover compared to our usual 145%.

Expats welcome
We offer Buy to Let products for borrowers seeking to purchase an investment property in the UK – take a look at our specific expat lending criteria for more details.

First timers and non-owner occupiers acceptable
We can lend to borrowers where this is their first ever Buy to Let property, as long as they either currently have a mortgage or have done so in the past.

For more information, visit our Buy to Let product page or give us a call on 0330 123 1073 to place a case with us.