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Ipswich Building Society added to Brilliant Solutions Mortgage Club panel

Ipswich Building Society has been added to Brilliant Solutions Mortgage Club’s lending panel.

Club members will now be able to access Ipswich Building Society’s range of mortgage products, which includes mortgages for expats, self build, shared ownership and its residential and buy-to-let range. Earlier this month the Society announced that due to intermediary demand, its holiday let products had been expanded to include properties throughout England and Wales.

Utilising manual underwriting, the Society is able to consider applicants such as the self-employed, contractors and older borrowers, who may be denied access to the mortgage market by the computer-based assessments employed by high-street lenders.

Kate Ley, Head of Mortgage Sales, Ipswich Building Society said: “We are delighted to offer our broad range of mortgage products to Brilliant Solutions’ members.  With our ability to assess each case on its own merit, we really hope to be able to support their clients across a wide range of mortgage types.”

Matthew Arena, Managing Director, Brilliant Solutions Mortgage Club said: “Opening access to these great products to all brokers in England and Wales is a fantastic signal of intent by the Ipswich Building Society and one that will bring huge benefits to our brokers and their clients alike.

“Ipswich Building Society is particularly well known for its handling of complex cases, which will no doubt be of interest to our members. However, that said, the Society is also well respected in terms of mainstream lending and we know that their personal, common-sense approach will appeal to members for more straightforward cases too.”