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Later Life Range - New 5 Year Discount Rate

We've launched a new 5 year discount rate for your later life clients aged 50+, in addition to our existing 2 year fixed and discount options.

This new product offers:

  • Current pay rate 3.25% (SVR minus 2.49% for 60 months from completion)
  • Up to 75% LTV for £500k. App fee £199, Completion fee £500
  • For remortgages free valuation (max property value £1m) and fee assisted legals.
  • ERC applies until 3 years from completion date (remaining 2 years ERC free).
  • During ERC period: fee free overpayments up to 50% of original loan amount. ERC for payments >50% applies whilst in discount period at 2% of the overpayment. For early redemption a 2% charge will apply based on the original loan amount.

If you have clients seeking to purchase or remortgage, don't forget we accept 100% of pension and 75% of investment income, with a maximum term of 40 years and no maximum age. On an Interest Only basis we're able to lend up to 50% LTV (£150k equity required), and on Capital & Interest up to 70% LTV or 75% if loan finishes before retirement.

Consider us for your later life clients who want:

  • A mortgage where sale and downsize is repayment method.
  • To borrow for home improvements or to buy an additional property.
  • To remortgage to assist family, i.e. gifted deposits.

We also consider debt con, so give us a call to discuss your case on 0330 123 1073.

View our range of later life mortgages here.