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MMC - what are Modern Methods of Construction?

What are Modern Methods of Construction?

Often shortened to MMC, these are schemes which speed up housebuilding through using alternative building techniques, such as offsite construction and prefabricated homes, as opposed to conventional brick and block structures.

Not to be confused with the type of homes erected in Britain in the 1940s, prefab homes have massively changed in recent years and improved in both quality and durability – becoming an increasingly attractive option for self-builders.

According to a survey conducted by the Build Show, two thirds of home-builders believe MMC is set to play a key role in new-home supply in the UK. MMC homes can offer your clients both reduced construction time and savings on stamp duty and VAT.

Mortgages for MMC

We’ll consider MMC schemes for our self build products and, if your client has built their home and is looking to remortgage, or is wishing to purchase an existing home built from an MMC scheme, we can help on our standard range of residential products.

The build scheme must be BOPAS accredited, which will give us the assurance that the property is sufficiently durable and readily saleable for a minimum or 60 years.

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