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Mortgages for self employed professionals

We offer a range of products suited for self employed applicants in professional roles such as teachers, accountants, solicitors and medical professionals.

Where we have at least a years’ verified accounts, we can lend up to 90% LTV on our specialist product – subject to affordability, we won’t treat them any differently to an employed applicant. Your client’s accountant must be a qualified person in accordance with our lending policy (see below). We also require that the applicant has been working in the same line of work for the last three years.

Where your client has been self employed for less than one year but is working in such a partnership, we will consider accepting an application up to 75% LTV where the Senior Partner or the Partnership’s Accountant can confirm that the partnership is trading well and is well established, the date the applicant became a partner, and the applicant’s earnings to date and estimated earnings for full 12 months.

In addition, we have a self employed products available for contractors and applicants in professional and skilled manual roles.

Click here for more information on our self employed mortgages.