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New affordability calculators

We've relaunched our affordability calculator and our calculator for retired applicants so they're now easier to use and will give a more accurate assessment of your client's affordability. Plus, you can now also assess interest only affordability using our calculator.

You can use them to get an idea of how much your client could borrow from us based on their income and expenditure.

Of course, in an age where automated processes and electronic decision making is becoming all too common, we believe that in today’s changing world it’s important to look into the details personally when dealing with your client’s mortgage application.

Therefore, even if the case doesn’t fit our calculator model we still may be able to help your client as we manually underwrite and assess all cases in-house.

For shared ownership applications - remortgages and cases where the property was built within the last 10 years will be assessed using a different means so please call us on 0330 123 1073 for an affordability assessment.

Access our standard affordability and retired applicant calculators on our website.