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Poor or limited credit history - at a glance

Getting your client a mortgage when they have a poor – or limited – credit history can be tricky.

At Ipswich Building Society we don’t credit score because a number on its own doesn’t tell us much. We take a more holistic approach when it comes to looking at your client’s credit file, taking into account the full picture and assessing the case on its merits rather than using an automated ‘computer says no’ decision maker.

Your case will be assessed in-house by one of our expert underwriters who’ll go through the application line-by-line to get a clear view of your client’s finances and see what we can do. And if we can’t help, we’ll always let you know why.

At a glance: what we can offer your client

  • We don’t credit score
  • The application will be assessed on its merits, taking the full picture into account
  • We will consider applicants with a limited credit history
  • We allow a number of historic CCJs, defaults and arrears, where these have been satisfied

If the case has been declined by another lender, we are happy to consider the case if:
- It failed the lender’s credit score criteria
- The case didn’t meet the lender’s underwriting criteria
- Property or property type is unacceptable to that lender