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Product changes: effective 8 January 2019

We're pleased to support local first time buyers in our heartland area by launching two 95% LTV residential products, ideal for clients with smaller or gifted deposits. While we do lend throughout England and Wales, this product range is exclusively available where both the property and the intermediary are based in our heartland area - Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambs, Beds, Herts and Bucks.

This is to ensure our commitment to first time buyers in our local area, as well as continuing to support home ownership more widely.

Details of our new products can be found below:

Two year discount rate @ 2.73% for 2 years
Application fee £199, free completion, CHAPS fee £35, Valuation fee based on property valuation
1% ERC, ERC period ends 2 years from completion date

Two year fixed rate @ 2.93%, fixed until 31/03/2021
Application fee £199, Completion fee £800, CHAPS fee £35, Valuation fee based on property valuation
3% ERC, ERC period ends 31/03/2021

Products are available for first time buyers only in our heartland area - for joint applications one applicant must be a first time buyer.

Additionally, we are extending end dates on our 2 year fixed rate products and 5 year fixed rate expat product.

For more information on our new products please visit our product page or call us on 0330 123 1073.