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Raising capital

If your client wishes to remortgage in order to raise capital, for things such as home improvements, debt consolidation and much more we’re happy to help. The amount we can lend will depend on the purpose of the loan.

Capital raising – the basics
We will consider a total loan amount of any amount at £500k up to 95% LTV and £750k up to 90% LTV. For any other purpose the borrowing must be less than £100k and up to 90% LTV.

If your client is looking to raise capital for the purchase of a second home, the maximum LTV is restricted to 80% LTV.

We’re happy to consider debt consolidation up to 90% LTV.

Consolidation of debts is not permitted on Buy to Let applications and we cannot consider cases from applicants who are considered to be credit impaired (as defined by the FCA).

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