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Remortgaging in later life

If your client is aged 50 or over and is looking to borrow, look no further. We have a unique proposition aimed at clients in later life, including a dedicated range of products and no maximum age limit for lending.

As the festive season draws closer and people start thinking about the new year, you may have clients thinking about their own and their family’s futures. Whether looking to move closer to family, carry out home improvements, extend their mortgage term or gift money to children or grandchildren to help them get on the property ladder, we can use our flexible underwriting to help meet your clients’ needs. (And we can help at the first rung of the ladder, too, with Gifted Deposits.)

Our range of later life products are available up to 75% LTV and to borrowers over the age of 50, whether they are still employed, self-employed or in retirement. For those who want to maintain or increase their borrowing but are not moving home, our remortgage package offers a free valuation (where the property valuation does not exceed £1m) and fee assisted legals.

With a term of up to 40 years available, we also throw in fee-free overpayments up to 50% and, for our discount rate product, unlimited fee-free overpayments during the product period. For borrowers seeking repayment on an Interest Only basis we can lend up to 50% LTV provided there is at least £150,000 equity in the property. Other repayment options are available.

Whatever the needs of your client, we’ll do our best to help. For more information please visit our product page or call us on 0330 123 1073.