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Take five: 50% fee free overpayments

If you have clients looking for a flexible mortgage deal with the option to make lump sum or regular overpayments, here are five things you should know:

  1. We offer 50% fee free overpayments as standard on all our mortgage deals that have an ERC and others that have no ERC at all.
  2. The overpayment allowance is calculated on the original loan amount, not the remaining balance.
  3. This is especially suitable for clients likely to receive regular or occasional lump sums during their mortgage deal, such as bonuses, dividends or inheritance, or perhaps have investments maturing or an additional property they may sell.
  4. For overpayments in excess of the 50% allowance we’ll charge an ERC based on the overpayment amount – usually this is 3% for 2 year fixed rate deals and 5% for 5 year fixed rate deals.
  5. Our ERC is often lower on our discounted products, typically 1% or, on some products, none at all. Please contact us or refer to our website for more information.

Details correct at the time of publication – please check our latest products for the most up to date information or give us a call.