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Take Five: clients with a small deposit

Data from UK Finance reports 365,000 first time buyers completed on a mortgage in 2017, an increase from 340,000 in the previous year and the highest since 2006. The average loan size was £142,200 with purchasers typically aged 30.

If you have clients wishing to get onto the property ladder with a small deposit, or remortgaging with a small amount of equity in their homes, here are five ways we could help:

  1. Options at 90% and 95% LTV as standard
  2. No maximum age at the end of the term
  3. Debt consolidation considered up to 90% LTV
  4. Up to 40 year maximum term
  5. Gifted deposits on standard residential products (with 12 month rental history)

All of this is available for properties across England and Wales, including new build houses. We also lend on new build flats up to 75% in our heartland area so if you have a client in mind get in touch with us to chat through your case.