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Take five: later life lending

We have a dedicated later life proposition to help your clients aged 50 and over get the mortgage they need. Find out how we’re helping later life applicants in five easy steps:

  1. No max age limit
    We don’t have a maximum age limit for lending, giving your clients more flexibility when choosing a mortgage.

  2. Most types of income accepted
    We can accept 100% of pension income when assessing affordability and 50% of other investment income, such as rental income from a property portfolio.

  3. Later life product range
    We have a range of fixed and discount rate later life products available exclusively to applicants aged 50 or over, including a five year deal.

  4. Flexible repayment
    Our loans are available on Interest Only with terms of up to 40 years, provided there is at least £150k equity in the property. Loans also available on C&I and P&P.

  5. Fee-free overpayments
    All of our products come with a generous overpayments facility, allowing your client to overpay up to 50% of their original loan without incurring any early repayment charges.