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Our BDMs are going hybrid

We’re constantly looking at how we can better serve our brokers. That’s why we’re pleased to formally adopt a hybrid business development model. Here’s what that will mean for you: your BDM will still be available, however you’d like to speak to them, whether that’s virtually or in person.

Simple, right? We think so too. Following the success of remote working during the national lockdowns we know sometimes virtual meetings are just easier, and mean you can fit more into your working day. But there’s also something incredibly valuable about meeting someone in person and having a real conversation, which staring into a laptop screen just can’t replace.

Our BDMs will continue to be supported by our office-based team, so we’re on hand to work with brokers to help shape cases and access our common-sense approach to lending, with manual underwriting on all cases.

As our Head of Intermediary Relations, Charlotte Grimshaw, says: “We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re just freeing up our BDMs to adopt a contact strategy which works best for them, rather than targeting face to face as the holy grail of broker relationships 100% of the time. The benefits of this new system means less time spent out on the road, less downtime and more time for appointments and enquiries which can be useful for both parties. With changes to broker working patterns, we know sometimes being virtual just works better. The role of our BDMs is not changing, and they will still very much be out and about, building and maintaining strong relationships in person, however, instead of this being the case in all instances, they’ll be adopting a hybrid mix - the best of both worlds!”

Another important consideration is how this fits with our climate change agenda, which is rightly at the forefront of our strategic decisions. We know fewer in person meetings will mean a reduction in energy usage and pollution. It’s a small step but very much one in the right direction when considering how to embed sustainability into all we do.