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Mortgage products for existing customers

Due to the operational challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily restricted our lending criteria and withdrawn a number of products.

Visit the FAQs for up to date details.

If your client is an existing customer of the Society and coming to the end of their deal, or is currently on our Standard Variable Rate, they may be eligible to apply for one of our follow-on products. These products are exclusively available to existing customers and may offer a better rate of interest than our products for new customers.

Please note that these constitute our currently available follow-on products. They are periodically refreshed, therefore the actual products and rates offered will vary according to when your client’s mortgage deal comes to an end.

If you wish to discuss your client’s follow-on deal, we will need evidence that you have been given permission to do so. Call us on 0330 123 1073 for more information.

Call us on 0330 123 1073 for information on our follow-on products for existing customers.