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Mortgage products for existing customers


How can we help existing customers?

We know that the mortgage journey doesn’t end at completion, and we understand that once the product comes to a natural end it is common for the customer to come back to you. We always try to offer exclusive rates for our existing borrowers. If your client is coming to the end of their current mortgage deal, we will write to them 6-8 weeks before they are due to expire, offering them exclusive rates. The customer does have the option of selecting the rate they would like and notifying our Mortgage Administration team directly.

What if their product has an ERC, but they would like more funds?

Customers who are still within their product lifetime may experience scenarios which means that they require Additional Borrowing but not able to leave their existing product early. We allow customers to borrow more funds on top of what they currently have outstanding with us. This will need to be a paper application (which can be found under Useful Downloads) and the products that your customer will have available to select from are the Additional Borrowing products (these can be found below in our list of products).

Additional Borrowing can be for one of the below requirements:

  • Home improvements
  • Buying out an ex-partner
  • Raising a gift for children/grandchildren
  • Raising a deposit for onward purchase

Can my client port their mortgage?

The short answer is yes! All our products are portable. Porting applications need to be applied for via a paper application (which can be found under Useful Downloads. We do allow customers to borrow a little bit more on top of what they have outstanding with us. For the “top up” element, customers can select a product from our Standard Range.

Where do I send my documents and paper application form?

You can send your paper application and documents for the case to our Business Development Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please be mindful that our maximum file size is 6MB so please be mindful of this when emailing the team.

How do I produce an ESIS for my customer?

You don’t have to do this yourself. When you complete the paper application form, the Business Development Team will produce your ESIS for you. The team send this to you directly to share with your customer.