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Coronavirus: important information

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Welcome to Ipswich Online

In light of the current situation, please check our COVID-19 FAQs blog before submitting any new business.

*Please note due to case volumes our lending team are currently taking longer to process case documents including DIPs and we have implemented a temporary 10-day SLA.*

Our portal can be used for residential, buy to let, shared ownership, self build and expat cases with up to two applicants. For applications with more than two applicants, guarantors or for porting cases we will need a paper application form submitted – please contact us for a copy of this form.

For applications with more than two applicants, guarantors or for porting cases we will need a paper application form submitted - please contact us for a copy of this form.Portal intro pictire

Our broker portal will allow you to:

• Produce an ESIS
• Submit a DIP
• Submit a full mortgage application
• Upload documents directly to the case
• Track the case plus any previously submitted cases (including any submitted as paper applications).

In order to submit business to us you must be registered on our panel. We will set you up within 24 hours and confirm all the information needed to enable you to use our portal.

This will include:
• Username
• Temporary password, which you should change at first log in
• Memorable word, needed as part of the login process
• When setting you up we will also ask you a few questions so that we can confirm these if we ever need to check your identity in the future

Please see our general tips and FAQs below before accessing the online portal


When amending a product throughout the application process, please avoid using the 'View Alternative Products' button as this feature is not functional.

Please select an alternative product from the list when inputting the application.

Portal access

General tips
- When entering your application, please remember to select your mortgage club
- Please do not enter the case in block capitals
- Please ensure that you have selected the correct product i.e. if the value of the loan is £1m+ select the ‘£1m plus’ option
- With credit cards, please only enter the last 4 digits of the PAN number and the lenders name

Frequently asked questions

I have a particularly unusual case to submit. Can I still use the online portal?
For those more 'unusual' cases please continue to pre-agree them with us. When running the DIP, please call us on 0330 123 1073 (Option 1) and let us know. We will then link this to the DIP so the underwriter is aware.

How do I enter self employed income in the online portal?
Sole Traders & Partnerships: Last two years' net profit can be input with their year end date.
Limited Companies: The applicant’s share of the net profit after tax needs to be input to the portal. If we are using salary and dividends, the figures need to follow in an email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The system has asked for the ‘source of business.’ What do I put here?
When the system asks for source of business, please select intermediary (rather than the other options such as face to face).

I have a case with more than two applicants. Can I use the online portal?
Unfortunately we cannot currently accept cases with more then two applicants through the online portal. Please call us on 0330 123 1073 and we will provide you with a paper application.

My client(s) are expatriates. How do I enter their address using the portal?
- Enter a generic UK postcode
- Click search
- Select ‘None of the following’
- Manually enter foreign address

How do I enter joint debts/commitments?
Please enter all joint debts or other commitments under applicant one.

My solicitor isn’t available in the ‘search’ list?
If your chosen solicitor is not available in the search list, simply click that the applicant has not yet found a solicitor and provide details to us separately in an email.

How do I upload documents to the portal?
Uploading documents – there is no maximum file size. Please split documents down by type and then name the file i.e. keeping payslips separate from bank statements. This makes it easier and quicker for our underwriters to underwrite the case and give you a decision.