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Mortgage Affordability Calculator

This calculator will give you a rough idea of affordability, but please remember that we do consider all applications manually, not with automated tools

What income to include:

Car Allowance: 100%
Child Benefit / Tax Credits: 100% of any child benefit your client receives with at least five years left to run
Contractors: For contract workers, enter one-twelfth of their latest self-assessment (SA302), taking into account tax and NI. Or, if applying for our contractor product, please use daily rate x 5 x 46
Overtime: Regular - 50%
Self Employed: One-twelfth of their latest SA302, taking into account tax & NI contributions as monthly income

A few useful tips...

  • Use current figures for expenditure, not future forecasts.
  • You must include all committed and essential outgoings. If there aren't boxes for the types of outgoings you want to include, please group them together under one of the headings available.
  • As a minimum we use average level of spend, based on data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). If your client's outgoings exceed this sum, please enter these figures within the 'confirmed expenditure' column.
  • Greyed-out figures for outgoings mean we are using an average based on ONS data. If you want to use a lower amount, you can enter your own figure. Tick the 'verified' box if you can show evidence (such as bank statements) to support your figure. We can only verify income on remortgage applications.
  • Generally we don't exceed 4.5x income. If you have an application over this we will consider on a case by case basis.

SHARED OWNERSHIP: For remortgages and cases where the property was built within the last ten years please call us for an affordability assessment

SELF BUILD: Please contact us for an affordability assessment or complete our self build enquiry form located here

Affordability Calculator

Loan Details
Household Code
Loan Amount
Interest Only Loan amount (if applicable)
Loan Term (Years)
Product Initial Pay Rate:
If Fixed Rate is the rate fixed for 5 years or more?
Applicant 1 Applicant 2
Guaranteed gross annual income £ £
Other regular annual income
(If non-guaranteed enter 50%)
£ £
Total gross annual income £ £
Monthly £ £
Pension income £ £
Child Benefit/Family tax credit £ £
Child maintenance £ £
State benefits £ £
Investment income £ £
Total Monthly Income £ £
Monthly Expenditure
Applicant 1 Applicant 2
Credit Commitments
Loans/Mortgages/Student Loans £ £
Maintenance/CSA £ £
Credit/Store Cards - 4% of total balance £ £
Interest Only repayment strategy £ £
Shared Ownership Rent/Shared Equity Loan £ £
Ground Rent/Service Charge £ £
Sub Total £ £
Essential/Luxury Expenditure (monthly) £ VERIFIED
Nursery/School/University Fees £
Council Tax £
Life/Health/Buildings/Contents Insurance £ ONS
Food/Drink £
Travel/Transport £
Housing/Fuel/Power & Communication £
Clothing/Footwear/Recreation & Essential Repairs £
Sub Total £
We can only verify expenditure on remortgage applications
Affordability Assessment
Free disposable Income £
Monthly Payment £

The affordability assessment does not calculate the income multiplier. Should you receive a PASS on the calculator where the multiplier exceeds 4.5X joint or sole income, please contact the Business Development Team on 0330 123 1073.