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Useful Downloads

ID&V requirements
Information on our identity and verification requirements

Expat ID&V requirements

Information on our identity and verification requirements for Expat Applicants

Intermediary mortgage application
For all paper applications including all additional borrowing and RIO applications

Intermediary mortgage application - addendum for 2+ applicants
To be completed if the mortgage application is for more than 2 applicants

Intermediary mortgage declaration and Direct Debit mandate
To be completed by the intermediary

Intermediary panel application
If you are unable to complete our online registration form, you can use this paper copy

Quick mortgage enquiry
Complete some key details and get an idea of whether your case may be accepted or not

Self build enquiry
Use this to submit a detailed outline of your self build case so we can make an initial assessment

Self build budget planner
So you can easily provide us with costings and anticipated budget while we assess the case

Mortgage packaging requirements
A checklist of everything we need for a fully packaged mortgage application

Interest only declaration
Applicants must read and sign this if all or part of their mortgage will be on an interest-only basis

Expat deposit declaration
To be completed if all or part of the deposit has been built up in a foreign currency

Gifted deposit form
For use if all or part of your client's deposit is a gift

**Please be aware that we can only accept up to 6MB of documentation by email**